I was raised in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and have been based mostly in Seattle and Washington state, shooting film and digital for twenty or thirtysome years, depending how you look at it. I am also a former Musician and Actor, a Reluctant IT Professional, Technical Events Manager, and my favorite, Traveler.

Largely self-taught in photography, my aim has long been to find more with less and this has become a sort of mantra for me and my images. It can be frustrating, but an economical creativity can unfold as you get to trust your eye, your instrument and your world with as few filters and as little interruption as possible. 

Simple, as they say, is often better, and this too has something to do with my gradual return to film photography. I like most that film asks that I simply take a photograph, thoughtfully, rather than assist in computing an image. Film is there as a witness, a canvas rather than a calculator. It is freedom within simple, sometimes rigid, form.  It offers its own contrast, angle and perspective and does so quietly, with me. I love it and see no reason to stop.

I have too many cameras. And, I really dig hummingbirds.

Kevin Rosinbum, Photographer
Seattle, WA, United States

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